The Story of CHAMBA

CHAMBA are unique and beautiful handcrafted ceramics from the Colombian village of La Chamba.

All products are 100% handmade, 100% natural glazed and burnt.

Add an elegant and unique touch to your home decor.

The brand name CHAMBA refers to the village of La Chamba in the central region of Colombia.

The people living in the village La Chamba are producing ceramics in the same way as their ancestors did hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The tradition can be traced back 700 years to the Pijaos and is thought to be the oldest production method of ceramics known in South America. The tradition is inherited from generation to generation. Today everything is still made by hand.

La Chamba is the only place in the world where these unique pieces of ceramics are produced.

La Chamba is a matriarchal society, meaning that the women of the society are looked upon as the leading figures.

It is important that a fair division of labour between genders rule. The women are in charge of making and glazing the products, while the men source the clay and burn the ceramics.

The clay is sourced nearby the Magdelena River. The minerals found in the ground nearby the river makes it possible for the clay to withstand high temperatures. Thus you can actually cook directly in your CHAMBA products.

The women soak the clay, provided by the men, in water to remove any impurities such as small stones. Afterwards the men add a dusty kind of clay and knead it, making it elastic and easy to work into shape. When shaped the ceramics are left to dry in the sun in the mid-day heat.

When fully dried a third type of clay is applied as a glaze to the products. The ceramics are then polished over and over again. At this point the ceramics are red. It is the burning process that applies the unique black colour to the CHAMBA ceramics. Using three types of clay only makes the ceramics consist entirely from organic materials making them 100% natural.

The products are burnt in big metal barrels in ovens fired by gas. Using gas ovens helps to control the temperature and just as important – does not pollute in the same way as wooden fired ovens would do.

Because of the organic clay and the clay glazing all the ceramics are 100% natural and thereby non-reactive and food safe. The products are so natural that if you leave them in nature they will by time decompose entirely.

In the selection of ceramics at the CHAMBA webshop you will find a mix of curated traditional designs as well as products made for our assortment only – made with love and respect for the tradition.

We are proud and pleased to offer you the unique and organic handicraft of CHAMBA!

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