Sustainability is a key word to CHAMBA. We care about you, manufacturers, the environment and nature.

By buying CHAMBA products you will take part in a circular economy. This means that when buying CHAMBA products you will not only buy a food safe and non-reactive product for yourself – you will also add value and give something back. Back to the people of La Chamba. Helping them make a living as well as maintaining a historical tradition of handcrafting ceramics.

Helping the people of La Chamba maintaining the tradition and production methods also upholds their way of life and thinking. A way of life where men and women are perceived as equal. This is why you will find a fair division of labour between men and women in the township of La Chamba. At CHAMBA we are proud of taking part in a supply chain build upon social sustainability.

As every CHAMBA product is made from 100% clay, natural glazed and burnt, no chemicals have been used manufacturing the ceramics. This makes the production less polluting compared to other production methods. Furthermore, it makes the ceramics non-reactive and food safe, making them healthier for you to use.

Because the ceramics are organic it will not be an issue to get rid of e.g. products broken in manufacturing or shipping. The ceramics have the ability to decompose themselves leaving no environmental pollution.

At CHAMBA we take responsibility of people and nature. When buying CHAMBA products you help us do so.

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