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As a student using our app, you can redeem your chambas for special discounts at following places:

Café Nexus

Café Nexus is so much more than just mind-blowingly good coffee during the week; it’s your party destination #1 on Thursdays! With different DJs every Thursday there’s always a reason …


Shelfies is an all-over-print clothing & lifestyle brand specializing in outrageous photorealistic wear, accessories, swimsuits, and home decor designed to make you smile. Founded in 2013 and based in Toronto, …


CºFFEEPRINT offers the best Ethiopian coffee imported directly without middle men. Your purchase directly supports educational and job creating projects in the southern Ethiopia where we reinvest half of our …

Uru Design – Solosocks

URU Design is a Danish company with global outreach. We appreciate diversity and individuality. We believe that creative design can feature diversity and allow expression of individuality. We deliver Danish …